copper chain belt to relieves tension in the lumbar area and back


Helps to soothe annoying contractures, muscle inflammation, sciatica.

The minimalist style allows you to wear it on any occasion.
The beneficial action is enhanced with contact with the skin.

You can fits according to your waist
– length 100cm- 

(The closing hook can be adjusted)

Also ideal for a gift… unexpected… but full of meaning, care and attention for the people you care about!


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The Urania copper waist-chain releases tensions to the belly and helps the awakening of the “Kundalini”

Copper is also  good as anti-bacterial and antistress
To relief electrostatics charges

The natural oxidation of the copper can be remove just with a slice of lemon then wash up with soap and water.

We also make the strap to measure, here’s how to figure out what your size is:
– take a chain or a string or a tape measure.
– place it, keeping it comfortable, where you would like the strap to be (around the waist or low on the hips)
– now keep / mark the length and then measure it with a tape measure.
– Tell me the unit of measurement used, usually cm
– Do not add extra length to the measurement!
– Send me your measurement by email


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