copper plaster for muscle relief


Copper Plaster Urania is a warmer muscle relief:
can be applied to sore muscles
and joint areas: upper and lower
back & hips, neck, wrist,shoulder,
knee,elbow and joint pains
associated with overexertion
strains & sprains.
re-usable for many applications


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URANIA’s copper plaster has been made according Rudolf Steiner’s directions on the healthy quality of the metals tested in the antroposophical
medicine since 1924. The long experience developed and the positivefeedbacks obtained just state the validity of these products.

Urania’s copper Plaster is made by appling a special emulsion of metallic copper flakes, 99.9% pure, in seven layer one upon the other on both side of a silk strip.
The stratification of the emulsion increases enormous the surface of the metal, increasing its efficacy. The copper emulsion acts as calalyser supporting and
stimulating metabolism processes.

The copper plaster improve energy circulation supporting the removal of fluid accumulation
causes pressure and swelling.
Moreover URANIA copper plaster delivers heat that penetrates deep, warming the muscle right where it hurts, to relax, soothe and unlock tight muscles for lasting pain relief.
The copper properties helps to increase local circulation to the damaged muscles, and helps soothe lingering soreness or muscle stiffness.

Use Urania Copper Patch to relieve neck, shoulder, and wrist pain… lower back and hip pain.

The pack contains 4 ready-to-use patches of 2 different sizes: 2 pieces of 12×6 cm + 2 pieces of 6×6 cm


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