adjustable copper anklet with malachite pearl


Adjustable ONE-SIZE copper anklet,
the closing hook can be inserted
in any link of the chain – in all it is 29 cm long –
We can also make it to measure, just tell us your ankle circumference in the notes field, or by sending an email to

Urania copper anklets are made of pure copper,
they help to relieve tension in the legs and to remove their heaviness.
The malachite pearl is sensual and artistic.
It has properties similar to those of copper (being copper carbonate), it helps to relieve tension and promotes harmony.


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The URANIA copper anklet

Malachite is a copper carbonate that when brought to complete combustion turns into metallic copper.

It is a mineral with both a microcrystalline and more often fibrous structure with reniform or efflorescent aggregates.
Its alternating curvilinear structures lighter and darker of intense green color make the stone very sensual and artistic. It has properties similar to those of copper, it helps to remove tensions and uncertainties, promoting harmony.

In contact with the air and the skin, copper darkens by oxidation.
You can bring it clear by rubbing it with a lemon wedge, (do not pass the lemon on the malachite but only on the copper because otherwise it takes away the shine of the stone) rinse everything with soap and water and dry.

Additional information

size ankle

small till 21cm, medium till 23 cm, large till 26 cm


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