Iron band


Support in lung and respiratory system therapies.
It is made by applying a special metallic iron in seven overlapping layers on both sides of a strip of natural raw silk.

re-usable for many applications



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The beneficial effect of the IRON band is due to the particular relationship between iron, or more generally iron minerals, and the physiology and activities of the lung. The use of iron is in fact indicated, in the field of anthroposophic medicine, as a support for the therapies of the lung to which the specific heat forces of the sphere of Mars come through the metal. It is especially indicated as a support in chronic diseases and sclerotic tendencies of the respiratory system.

The IRON patch is made by applying a special emulsion of metallic iron, 99.9% pure in seven superimposed layers on each side of a silk strip natural, raw.
The stratification of the emulsion allows to incomparably increase the radiating surface of the metal,

multiplying its effectiveness.

DO NOT apply on wounds, on scratched or bruised skin, bruises or swellings and on skin that is not perfectly intact.

The iron patch is placed directly in contact with the body, on the area of ​​the lungs. With a scissor You can cut it out, giving it the shape that best suite the area of Your body. Keep it in place with a plaster or tie with a patch or with a waistband. You can wear while sleeping and/or during the day.  Keep it on at least for 8 hours. 

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small 9×19,5 cm, large 9,5×29,5 cm


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