007-Copper and silver Ginkgo leaf brooch with slipcase and booklet on Goethe


We have thought of a special gift:
a brooch in copper and silver,
completely handmade in the shape of a Ginkgo Biloba leaf, but there is more we have created (always by hand) a box that exhibits it on display,
it can be kept in the library or opened by showing the jewel, beautifully set in its custom-made accommodation
and then the box is accompanied by a small book (always hand-bound and written by us) that tells the story of the love poem that Goethe wrote, inspired by the bilobed shape of the Ginkgo leaf
showing a division or did he choose to appear double?
A question that the poet can also ask himself, because he, like the Ginkgo leaf, is one and double …

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It was 1815 and Goethe was fascinated by the shape of the Ginkgo Biloba leaf wrote a love poem to Marianne von  Willemer, he wrote it on a sheet of paper where he glued two crossed Ginkgo leaves.
Already in his time this “living fossil” fascinated by its shape,
split but single,
existing in nature,
pivotal concept in the poet’s naturalistic, botanical and existential interests.

Ginkgo-Biloba is a “living fossil”, he lived
already in the territories inhabited by the dinosaurs,
has managed to overcome all geological eras,
fires, glaciations, floods and last but not least
the environmental pollution we produce,
… A Japanese specimen managed to re-bloom
following the Hiroshima exhibition.


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