cervical patch with beeswax, hemp oil and copper emulsion


Cervical patch with copper emulsion on canvas with copper flakes, beeswax and hemp oil.
With the relax  scent of beeswax
– Anti-inflammatory –

re-usable for many applications


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The patches are handmade one by one, made with a special copper emulsion which acts as a catalyst favoring and stimulating the metabolism processes,
giving an anti-inflammatory action.

Virgin beeswax (obtained from our bees, kept in natural top-bar hives) acts as an enhancing base of the copper heat with an excellent de-fatiguing result both
on the muscular and respiratory level,
it is also anti-stress thanks to the relaxing scent.
Finally, hemp oil has a de-contracting action and deeply soothes pain.

Apply directly to the painful area and massage vigorously, with circular movements for a few minutes.
To re-use it when the glue from the patch no longer holds, apply the copper cloth with another patch.
It can be worn both day and night. Wear it until needed or at least for 8 hours.
DO NOT apply on wounds, on scratched, excoriated skin and on skin that is not perfectly intact.

The pack contains 2 ready-to-use patches
to cover the entire neck and shoulder area.


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