Celtic silver ring with malachite


Celtic style silver ring with malachite pearl
Malachite is a copper carbonate which when brought to complete combustion turns into metallic copper.
It is a mineral with both a microcrystalline structure and more often fibrous with reniform or efflorescent aggregates.
Its alternating curvilinear structures lighter and darker of intense green color make the stone very sensual and artistic. It has properties similar to those of copper, it helps to remove tensions and uncertainties, promoting harmony.

We do it to measure, but it can be adjusted by hand
You can tell us your finger circumference in the notes field, or by sending an email to info@urania-europa.com


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The completely handmade working, makes each craftwork a unique piece.

in Greek and means shining, candid, white is the metal that best reflects light
The silver ring is anti-static – antibacterial – anti-fungal
Equipped with high conductivity values, silver contributes
to disperse the electrostatic charges present in the environment generated for example by: televisions, radios and cell phones.

The Silver and the Moon in our body:
The Moon influences and governs the movements of water throughout the planet and in the human body: the ebb and flow of lymph, the contribution of valuable nutrients, and immune system cells (leukocytes) that defend it from disease.
Rhythm of the Moon is the same as the female cycle
but also of the less evident masculine one. Silver rules
fertility, reproductive health, sexuality,
the “feminine” quality in both women and men.
Silver “moves” the lymph and removes heaviness, swelling and pain.
Silver – the Moon – is nocturnal, it shines with white light, reflected by the sun, is the imagination, the unconscious, the dream. Rule and moderate emotional excesses, illusion, misunderstanding of the world
and of the “other than oneself”.

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