Celtic copper ring with Malachite


Copper ring with celtic shape and a malachite pearl
Malachite is a copper carbonate which when brought to complete combustion turns into metallic copper.
It is a mineral with both a microcrystalline structure and more often fibrous with reniform or efflorescent aggregates.
Its alternating curvilinear structures lighter and darker of intense green color make the stone very sensual and artistic. It has properties similar to those of copper, it helps to remove tensions and uncertainties, promoting harmony.

We do it to measure, but it can be adjusted by hand
You can tell us your finger circumference in the notes field, or by sending an email to info@urania-europa.com


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The completely handmade working, makes each craftwork a unique piece.

Made of pure copper,  the copper ring Urania, worn regularly gives to the organism, day by day, its precious metallic ions, activators of numerous and essentials organism functions.
At the same time it “recharges” itself thanks to static energy in excess in your tense and under stress muscles and gives it at the slightest conctact with other object ( just damp air)

Cleaning instructions for copper luster
The copper release static energy in contact with humid air or rinsing under water. The natural oxidation of the copper can be remove just with a slice of lemon then wash up with soap and water.

Do not pass the lemon over the malachite

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