Copper Heeler


Copper and latex heeler lifts for decontracting support of the plantar arch and against tensions in the legs.


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Copper Heeler lift with support in latex
for a relaxing legs and feet.

The “URANIA” copper heeler lift is a latex cushion covered with a copper plate that supports the entire arch, improving both posture and walking, with an excellent shockproof effect.
Copper has an energetic action, which favors the de-contracture of muscles such as: tendon tension and cramps.
It can also have a beneficial action on sciatica and arthritis pain.

It can be used every day and in any type of shoe: work, trekking, city shoes.
It is useful in all those “low” shoes that do not provide arch support and that over time cause foot pain and tired legs.

Copper is also an excellent – THERMAL REGULATOR
moderates sweating
promotes energy CIRCULATION
relieving the stress of the legs and feet.

Remove the protective film before use.
The oxidation of copper does not reduce its effectiveness.
You can bring it back clear by rubbing
with a lemon wedge and then clean with one
wet sponge and dry.

Don’t forget to walk in
bare feet – every day –
for direct contact
with our land …

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