Copper Insole


Urania’s copper insole has been made according Rudolf Steiner’s directions. Using a formulation of copper flakes that multiplies in a great way the irradiating capacity of the metal, giving an excellent effect: thermoregulator, antifungal, anti-stress


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Urania’s copper insole are handmade with a special process, using only vegetable tanned leather and a special emulsion of metal copper flakes in suspension with natural and non-toxic lacker, that increases a lot the irradiating surface of the metal, increasing its efficacy.


  • The copper insole balance energy circulation and gives good help against heavy legs and feet.
  • Are mainly to whom have to stand for long time up and pain of cold feet for bad circulation at the end.
  • Give their best to relief the tensions from electrostatic charges caused by shoes rubber sole.
  • Help to take away pain in feet.
  • Thanks to the anti-bacteria power of copper, prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus of the feet, take-off smelly feet and balance and control feet perspiration.


Place in the shoes with copper directly towards the feet. Use with Your socks or directly  towards the skin feet. The superficial oxidation do not break the copper act.

URANIA insoles are handmade in a single format: the lines corresponding to the different sizes are printed on the underside. With a simple pair of scissors you can cut out and adapt perfectly to your shoes.

It is foreseeable that, in the points where the foot exerts the greatest pressure and the greatest friction on the insole, the partial or total removal of the copper layer will occur, however this will not affect the effectiveness of the insole as the “conductive action “of the metal will continue for a long time and will spread from areas that have remained intact.
It can be expected to last for about one year.

The long experiesnce developed and the positive feedbacks obtain just state the validity of this product.



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