Leather & Copper Insole: anti-sweat – anti-bacteria


The genuine skin placed on top of the copper,
keeps feet drier, ideal to use even without socks.
They remove electrostatic charges due to rubber soles.
They promote circulation for those who have to stand for a long time.


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Urania’s copper insole are handmade with a special process, using only vegetable tanned leather and a special emulsion of metal copper flakes in suspension with natural and non-toxic lacker, that increases a lot the irradiating surface of the metal, increasing its efficacy.


  • genuine-skin-leather placed on top of the copper, keeps feet drier, ideal to use even without socks.
  • discharging tensions from electrostatic charges due to rubber soles
  • eliminate internal pains and pangs in the foot
  • promote circulation and give a feeling of well-being to the feet and legs
  • suitable for all those who are forced to stand for a long time
  • regulates the heat: for those who suffer from cold feet or excessive heat in the feet
  • reduce bad smells by letting the foot breathe

Copper insoles are ANTISTRESS because copper releases tensions from static charges, which are received by many everyday tools such as mobile phones, computers, coordless, or which are retained by mouquet or plastic floors and are harmful to the our health.

URANIA insoles are also ANTIBACTERIAL, because copper, having a positive electric charge, creates an electric field that prevents the formation of bacteria and foot fungi, thus eliminating bad odors, and safeguarding the health of the foot itself. URANIA insoles are also indicated for the well-being of the feet and legs, because they promote circulation thanks to the balancing action of copper. Particularly suitable for all those who are forced to stay for a long time in the same standing or sitting position

The insoles must be worn with the copper side, on which the completely genuine-leather has been positioned without treatments in contact with the foot.
The dark color it takes on with use does not reduce its beneficial effect
The socks do not hinder the beneficial effect of copper.

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