Silver insoles: thermoregulatory and antifungals


Insoles with pure silver flakes

Silver has many positive effects in terms of foot well-being and hygiene because it’s:


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Insoles handmade with metallic silver flakes

Features of silver insoles:

Silver for metallotherapy is the “moon” metal,
just as the moon influences and governs the movements of water throughout the planet, so in the human organism silver is connected with the ebb and flow of lymph, which in turn provides precious nutrients, to the cells of the immune system (leukocytes ) that defend us from disease.

Thus the silver “moves” the lymph and removes heaviness, swelling and pain.

Silver has many positive effects in terms of foot wellbeing and hygiene:

  • Silver is the best antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mite: in fact it significantly reduces the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mites, eliminating them for 99%
  • It has an excellent anti-odor action: because it neutralizes the microbial flora responsible for the formation of bad smells.
  • It is hypoallergenic, natural, non-toxic.
  • It is antistatic in fact the high conductivity of silver allows the rapid dissipation of electrostatic charges.

The silver insoles are excellent thermoregulators of heat and energy to the feet:
in fact, the high thermal conductivity of silver allows a homogeneous energy distribution, which is reflected on the whole organism.
Because all the electrical signals carried by the nerves of our body up to the epithelial surface, often due to stress or pain signals, are dispersed thanks to the very high electrical conductivity of our formulation of silver flakes and natural resins.

The silver used is of very high content (Ag 925) and made according to the indications of Rudolf Steiner on the beneficial qualities of the metals adopted in the field of anthroposophical medicine since 1924.

They were produced by hand using exclusively salpa (a mixture of latex and natural leather) on which we applied seven overlapping layers of our formulation of metallic silver flakes suspended in natural non-toxic resin. This exponentially increases the conductive capacity of the metal, giving a pleasant sensation of freshness to the feet.
It is foreseeable that, in the points where the foot exerts the greatest pressure and the greatest friction on the insole, the partial or total removal of the silver layer will occur, but this will not affect the effectiveness of the insole as the action ” conductive “of the metal will continue for a long time and will propagate from areas that have remained intact.
It can be expected to last for about one year.
The color of the metal is opaque partly due to immersion in the resin but above all due to the particularly fine grain size of the silver particles.

The insoles must be worn with the silver side in contact with the foot. Stockings do not hinder the beneficial effect.
They are produced in sizes: 35/36 – 37/38 – 39/40 – 41/42 – 43/44 – 45/46 and can possibly be perfectly adapted to your shoes by cutting them out with a pair of scissors.

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35-36, 37-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46


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