massive copper Sphere


Massive copper BALL for spiral point massage

Designed to allow a self-massage of the hands and feet to help the joints and activate circulation
and to relax the contracted and painful areas of the body.


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Ultra-relaxing spiral point massage
with the copper ball

Apply light pressure to the ball and move it in small, increasingly wide spiral gestures on the contracted and painful parts of the body.
Use the sphere already hot (by running it under hot water or leaving it on the radiator / stove)
It is possible to combine essential oils or creams with the massage.
Spread the cream on the body and massage with the copper sphere whose action will activate its properties.
7 spirals are recommended for each part of the body, devote longer to areas with muscle tension.

During the massage, positively charged ions of copper activate the circulation of energy while discharging tension and relaxing body and mind.

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single sphere

single € 24.00, couple € 40,00


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