“Tampeica”: the copper + tampico brush for lymph-draining massage


Body-brushing with the “Tampeica” brush is much more than a scrub,
because in addition to toning and firming the skin,
manages to balance and enhance the body’s functions thanks to the activating action of copper.

It is possible to combine the massage with essential oils and creams for anti-cellulite drainage

The vegetable fiber bristles of «Tampico» are extracted from the leaves of Agave
of the Mexican variety named: Lechuguilla ‘(also called: Ixtle or istle)
they are tenacious but at the same time elastic and hygroscopic bristles,
so that it can also be used in the bathtub.


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The “Tampeica” brush owes its fame to the energizing action of copper, circulation activator, heat donor for muscle pain.
At the same time it acts against cellulite adiposity, activating the drainage of fluids.

What is the purpose of body friction with «Tampeica”:
Brushing is an ancient technique
and very effective, it is indispensable
to maintain vitality and health.
It was first practiced for purpose
therapeutic, around 1850,
by the German abbot Kneipp who tested its effectiveness on his patients

It acts on the skin and by reflection on the organs
correspondents stimulating their activity,
as well as on the lymphatic system by draining liquids
It also has an excellent peeling effect which makes it
the skin soft and smooth and allows it
to regenerate, facilitating cell turnover
and helping to reduce cellulite blemishes.
Reduces the phenomenon of ingrown hairs.

How it works:
This technique is based on the fact that each organ of the human body is part of an inseparable unit and maintains a dense and complex network of relationships with all the others. A particularly immediate example is the link between the skin and the urinary tract.
When the circulation of the skin is intensely stimulated, the renal vessels dilate at the same time.
Do a little test to convince yourself of this: vigorously brush your arms and legs for a few minutes. You will notice an increased diueresis almost immediately, and laboratory tests would confirm that the content of uric acid and other metabolic wastes has also increased.
Our brushes are designed to enhance the functions of the lymphatic system, drainage of body fluids and maintain vitality and health.

How to massage the body:
Pass on the dry body, in jargon “dry”
with firm hand pressure
and movements that go towards the heart.
Hold the brush at a 45 ° angle:
we say “cut” to favor
the work of the bristles.
Brushing in the morning takes place in the direction of the heart so as to wake up all the senses and invigorate the body, while in the evening it is practiced outwards up to the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands, to unload and promote relaxation

Consider each part of the body you work on divided into 3 parts and pass the brush at least 3 times for each part.

When you get to the abdomen, follow the direction
colon clockwise to aid digestion,
deflate the belly and relax the solar plexus.

When you get to the buttocks, massage vigorously
get an anti-stretch mark firming effect.
If you use a specific cellulite cream,
copper will increase its performance!
For the upper limbs, from the hands
moving towards the shoulder.
On the neck the movements will be towards the heart.

To enhance its revitalizing action even more
and anti-inflammatory of copper
use the brush making small circles
around the joints to loosen:
tensions, swelling and relax the muscles
The tampico brush can be washed with warm water and natural soap. Wiping it with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and vinegar, an excellent deodorant and disinfectant result is obtained.


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