hammered copper bracelet “Ulisse”


Copper is very good good antibacterial and antistress device
Copper helps to relief electrostatics charges like:

– long lasting computer typing, to relief from hand and arm tendinitis pains
– relief from muscle pain caused by strains, sprains and overexertion.
We make it in 3 sizes, for a wrist, small (14-15,50cm) , medium (16 – 17 cm) and large (17.50-19 cm) and it is adjustable.
You can also tell us your wrist circumference in the notes field, or by sending an email to info@urania-europa.com


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The artisan works makes each object a unique piece
Each bracelet is unique and not exactly reproducible, some small variations are the sign and the value of the craftsman work.

Made of pure copper, Health Braelet Urania, worn regularly (better if worn on the right wrist) gives to the organism, day by day, its precious metallic ions, activators of numerous and essentials organism functions.
At the same time it “recharges” itself thanks to static energy in excess in your tense and under stress muscles and gives it at the slightest conctact with other object ( just damp air) unwinding and relaxing your muscles melting the annoying conctractures, avoiding all the dangerouse tension exerted on our skeleton.

The copper release static energy in contact with humid air or rinsing under water. The natural oxidation of the copper can be remove just with a slice of lemon then wash up with soap and water.

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