set of 2 bracelets one copper and one brass “Circus”


Set of copper and brass  “Circus” bracelets are handmade and made to measure.
Brass is an alloy of 90% copper and 10% zinc, both metals are nice and useful to wear.

Tailor made according to the width of the hand for the passage from the knuckles:
small knuckles: 20 to 21 cm
medium knuckles: 22 to 23 cm
large knuckles: 24 to 25 cm
You can tell us the circumference of the hand at the knuckles
(closing the hand as if to put the bracelet on)

in the notes field, or by sending an email to


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The artisan works makes each object a unique piece
Each bracelet is unique and not exactly reproducible, some small variations are the sign and the value of the craftsman work.

The metal release static energy in contact with humid air or rising under water. The natural oxidation of the copper can be remove just with a slice of lemon then wash up with soap and water.

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